Horst Tappe

Charlotte Lukaszewski · photo © 2009 Philippe Pache Sarah Benoît · photo © 2009 Philippe Pache

The art historians Sarah Benoit and Charlotte Lukaszewski met Horst Tappe in 1999 and mounted the exhibition « Nabokov ». It was the first time that the public was able to admire his series of portraits of the author of « Lolita », notably those of him butterfly hunting and in his Montreux Palace apartment. This exhibition aroused international interest and has since travelled to France, Germany, Austria, Russia and the United States. A catalogue was published in three languages by Merian Verlag.

In 2001, they put together the exhibition Noel Coward , devoted to the artistic luminary of the Anglo-American world, who was an actor and singer in the roaring twenties, and enabled this figure, who lived for a long time in Switzerland, to be discovered.

Their collaboration continued in 2005 with the exhibition and book Oskar Kokoschka  , whereby visitors discovered the painter's way of working, of communicating his art to his students and his workshop.

From 1999, they maintained a relationship that was both professional and amicable with Horst Tappe. Shortly before his death, he entrusted them with handling his work.

They approach photography from a multidisciplinary angle, which takes into account the stylistic, biographical, historical and personal aspects of the artist.